Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Back to Miracles

I realized when I started this blog, I wanted it to be about God and how He works in our lives in miraculous ways. I think I lost sight of that. And you know what? I have some miracles to share.

We've walked a long road with our youngest daughter. A road that started with depression, a cancer diagnosis, and an emotional recovery I thought would somedays take me under. God was truly my strength. Just this week, I watched my baby girl drive off with her dad to start a new life, one filled with promise and independence. A life she is excited to grab hold of! This is a huge miracle to this mama's heart. We pour so much into our kids, so many prayers and aches.

I'm so glad I didn't give up. God answered my prayers in ways I never even imagined. There were days I was afraid this day would never come for her, yet here it is—better than I could have imagined. I love this kids fiercely and letting go isn't easy. But I'm so excited to see her spread her wings and want to finally fly.

And my sweet hubby seems to have had a shift in his beliefs. He's more of an agnostic now than an atheist. I don't know how it happened—yes, I do. God. What blows me away is how quiet and subtle it was. I think that's how it needs to be for him. Nothing earth shattering and sudden. Just a steady progression. Until now, I just couldn't picture how it would happen. I think God wants it that way. LOL!

So, I will end this post here with a question. Miracles come in all sizes. God's love alone is miraculous. What miracles of love is God working in your life?

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Trish said...

How strange - I won't call it a coincidence because we know that God doesn't work that way. I was checking out blogs from a Litfuse tour and you are on the same day for one as another blogger whose teenage son was just diagnosed with cancer (it's called For What It's Worth).

It's wonderful to hear of your miracles, and I pray that this other family will see one in their lives this year.