Thursday, January 21, 2010

God's Faithfulness

I know we’re technically already into the New Year, but it’s still January, and I’m still in the process of “moving on.”

The last year has been one of the bumpiest my family and I have ever experienced. Going from what seemed to be the average complications of life to discovering our daughter had a malignant brain tumor had major impact on all our lives, to say the least.

During a year of surgeries, treatments, and a recovery more fraught with emotional issues than I expected, God turned my thinking—and praying—upside down. Instead of asking him to make things better, I’ve learned to ask that he equip me for whatever’s next. And I can’t help but look back and be amazed at the ground covered and appreciate the progress made, yet I have no desire to go through it again.

But I know I will.

Read the rest at Laced with Grace.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We've been working on it for almost two years...and God's been the one in charge. It's an amazing story. Hope you'll take a moment to read the news at and celebrate with us!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

iPhones and New Year Resolutions

I could be like so many others make new resolutions for the year. Actually I am as far as my my goals, but I'm looking at this as more as ways to change my life, not just the year ahead. I want permanent changes.

One thing I did today was download an app for my iPhone called My Fitness Pal. This handy little app lets me keep track of everything and even helps me make small goals out of my larger goal. I didn't think I'd like something like this, but it's already keeping me accountable and aware of what I'm eating throughout the day.

I know weight loss is always a top priority for so many at the beginning of the year, but I'm digging my feet in to do this for my long term health. I'm tired of feeling bad and not liking how I look.

Now along with this app, I'm using another iPhone app. Prayer cards by Beth Moore. Now this is a cool little app. She had several categories you can by the "prayer cards" for— 99 cents. It's worth it. This gives you specific Scripture to pray for many topics. The best part is that it's totally connected to, which is the same creator of the Bible app I have as well. This takes you to the original Scripture the prayer is based upon and even gives you a list of translations to use.

So, these are my tools to accomplish this goal, to lose weight and change how I look at food and deal with it. I love using the practical mixed with prayer! I will be victorious. LOL!

I'll keep you posted! So stay tuned. Got some great book giveaways coming as well. No room on the bookshelves so these books have got to go!