Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's Not Fool Ourselves

This post was a tough one to write but it was time. I hope you'll take a moment and hop over to our Spiritually Unequal Marriage page and read the rest. The conversation continues on our Facebook page as well. Thanks!

Yesterday, Lynn wrote a great post about Missionary Dating at the Internet Cafe. She and I have talked about this frequently because we want to be clear that walking willingly into a mismatched marriage is not God's will for our lives.
So I'd like to add to this topic from the sense of the heart and spirit. Here at S.U.M. we talk about our struggles in our mismatched marriages and how to trust God to help us thrive in them. But today I want to talk to those who are knowingly dating or considering dating and unbeliever. Here are some things I truly want you to think about.

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