Monday, October 31, 2005

Update, Heartbreak, and Hope

Book Update: 74.5K
Goal: 80 to 85K
Deadline: Friday? LOL! We’ll see.

So last Friday brought me a bit of news I hadn’t expected—a rejection letter from an agent I truly respect and hoped would represent me. I’ll admit I was a bit crushed and set back for a day or so.

But I have the most awesome friends. Every single one of them came to stand beside me in spirit. In the midst of heartbreak, I was reminded of how blessed I am. Amazing how quickly God brings good out of everything.

He was the true source of my comfort. By Saturday, I simply thought of Him each time my heart drooped and was instantly comforted and restored. This is the same source that brought my friends’ caring out in my time of need. We’re thousands of miles apart, yet their comfort brought them to my doorstep. Totally awesome…

This writing business is tough. And as difficult as that letter was, my determination to keep writing never wavered. I may have only written a few lines on Saturday, but I did it. I got back up on the horse and continued on.

Then Sunday I read Psalm 23 as part of my devotional time. I get really tired of this Psalm sometimes, because it’s so over referenced. This time, the end of the fourth verse took on new meaning in light of my set back.

your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

Suddenly I understood God’s rod and staff. I always took it to mean his weapons to fight against our enemies, but they’re even more than that. They’re His strength and guidance. In the midst of discouragement, I understood God stood by me—guarding me, protecting me, uplifting me. By His presence, by His Word, and through my friends. I’m covered. What a blanket of warmth and encouragement! Again, totally awesome…

I write for God. No one can take that away from me. It’s all for His glory and under His control. I can’t imagine being on this journey and getting anywhere without Him and these wonderful friends (and my family). Truly, getting a book published is a group effort. Not a one-man show. And I have a feeling the best is yet to come.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

Girly, how is it you would think we wouldn't stand beside you in spirit? (we're are just as blessed)

And good for you on getting right back to writing! (Again just shows you are a better woman than I)

And you're right the best is yet to come for you Neenie!

Robin Caroll said...

Sweet D.....first off, let me go on record as saying that YOU bless ME. :)

About that least there was positive notations in it. TRUST ME, it could have been MUCH worse! (Just in case you ever doubt that, I have a file of rejections I can let you see! LOL)

Here's the thing about agents/editors....from what I've FINALLY come to understand, they are overwhelmed. Literally. The good ones get anywhere from 25-50 submissions a DAY to wade through. They have to only grab out the ones that jump out at them for whatever reason. Maybe the character name is their child's name, so they want to look at it more closely....who knows. But by far and large, they are limited in what they can take on as new clients. So, their "taking you on" can be as subjective as writing contests.

I'm so proud of you for picking up and moving on. This is ONLY a bump in the road, a blip on the screen. I KNOW there are wonderful things ahead for you, my dear sweet friend, and I'm honored you're letting me along for the ride to see it all firsthand!