Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Waiting Game

So many of us are playing the waiting game at the moment. We're on the verge, nearing publication. Like a holding pattern, we shuffle our places—waiting, wondering, wishing. Those of us further behind are cheering on the ones getting ready to land. Others who have already landed (i.e. the published) are waving in new arrivals with congratulations. More are circling round, rethinking whether this publishing airport is really where they want to land.

It's called "The Waiting Game."

I find the dance intriguing, frustrating, and the biggest adventure God has put in my life to date. Had I known all this up front, would I have undertaken the journey? I don't know. I guess that's why He doesn't tell us up front. He knows how human we are.

But what I really like about this game is all those other planes. My writing buddies. Most of us are still in the air, waiting for out turn to land. We spend lots of time on our radios (i.e. phones and IM) giving encouragement, a shoulder when needed, and lots of cyber chocolate (it's nonfat!)

I tips my wings to all those flying along in this journey. We are not alone, and, truly by God's grace, what a ride!


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Ya know, I didn't realize this until I read your post, but I wonder if all the "adventures" I've had in my life lately are to help keep me distracted while I wait. Hmm. Interesting thought.

And, frankly, there's no better group of people to be hanging out in the waiting room with than you guys.

So what shall we do to pass the time? What's the modern and cyberspace (and much healthier) version of pacing the waiting room and smoking cigars?

:-)Ronie said...

*tips wings* Hey, girl!! It's almost over, but we are sooo close, girl!! I hate waiting too...but God seems to like that. :-D

Love you1!!

Sabrina L. Fox said...

Dineen, you have such a gift.I read your blogs and always think how lovely you make everything sound. =)

The anticipation for everyone who's close is so exciting. The frustrating thing is when you see people who are fab writers and they're sitting here waiting...and waiting...and, well, you get the picture.

It will be cool to see what the next five years brings.

Jeff said...

Dineen- I finally took the plunge and made my first submission to a magazine for publication. I chose to send my short story, The Burial. I think you remember that one. Anyway, I sent it off a little over a month ago. In the submission guidelines of this particular magazine it says response time is usually 2-4 months. I haven't heard anything back from them yet. I don't know if that is a good sign or a bad sign. It might very well be rejected, but I figure I have to start somewhere. :)
This is my first chance to experience the waiting game, and I agree, it isn't easy.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

awwww Neenie, great post! So love being on this journey with you!

Camy Tang said...

The waiting game never ends, D. You probably didn't want to hear that. DOH!

Camy ducking and running

Craig Alan Hart said...

Oh, Dineen, you know about what you speak! I've often wondered what possessed me to attempt this writing stuff, anyway. Was I insane? Think about it.

1.) Writing is the hardest work I've ever done and I've had some pretty physically taxing jobs.

2.) At least with those other jobs, though, I knew I'd get a paycheck at the end of the pay period. No guarantees in writing!

3.) Why would anyone who pours their heart and soul into creating something so close to them want to hold it up for ridicule and criticism?

Sound crazy? Yeah, it probably is. And I'm lovin' every minute of it. (Well...most minutes. That staring at an empty screen bit gets to me sometimes...)

Betsy Ann said...

Hey Dineen! Love your blog. Its so...YOU =)

See ya on the forums!! :::wink:::

Edie said...

Great post, Dineen! This really resonates with me. I'm on the verge too.

Dineen A. Miller said...

How about chocolate cigars, Jen? Or bubble gum. LOL!

Ronie, I think you're right. Does seems close.

Thank you, Sabrina! I'm honored by your words.

Jeff, keep us updated on what happens. Looking forward to hearing some good news!

Heather, go chase Camy down. LOL!

I know what you mean, Craig. It's nuts but I'm lovin' it too. Oh, about that empty screen, look away, dude!

Hey Betsy! Thanks for stopping by! LOL! So me, huh? Guess I better behave at conference.

Edie, so glad you found me! It's been great hearing about your progress on GIAM. Love your website!

Thanks for coming by everybody! You all rock!