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Reclaiming Nick by Susan May Warren

Now here's a honey I want to read about! Take a look.

* * * *
Nick Noble hadn’t planned on being the prodigal son.

But when his father dies and leaves half of Silver Buckle—the Noble family ranch—to Nick’s former best friend, he must return home to face those he left behind. And to make sure that the Silver Buckle stays in the Noble family.

Award-winning journalist Piper Sullivan believes Nick framed her brother for murder, and she’s determined to find justice. But following Nick to the Silver Buckle and posing as a ranch cook proves more challenging than she first anticipated. So does resisting his charming smile.

As Nick seeks to overturn his father’s will—and Piper digs for answers—family secrets surface that send Nick’s life into a tailspin. But there’s someone who wants to see the Silver Buckle leave Noble hands, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if it means taking a life.

* * * *
Now let's chat with the fabulous author of this "attractive", story, and see what makes her tick.

What made you choose the "prodigal son" story for Reclaiming Nick ?

For a long time I’ve been intrigued with the prodigal son story – not only the grace the prodigal son receives but also the actions and attitude of the big brother. And then I thought…what if, a “big brother” type, who’d picked up the messes so to speak of the prodigal suddenly needed the prodigal for something? I wondered, what would it look and feel like for a prodigal, who has received grace, to then give that grace to someone he’s offended. And likewise, what would it feel like for the offended brother to be offered that gift? It was these questions, as well as a love for Montana, and cowboys and ranching and country music that inspired me to write Reclaiming Nick…a man who is trying to reclaim the legacy he left behind.

I've heard a lot of fuss over the "cutie on the cover." And now Nick has a blog! Can you tell us what will be happening with that?

Nick’s blog was a way to introduce readers to Nick, and his family, his life, his dreams. I really wanted Nick, as the eldest brother, to helm the series, so to speak, and I wanted readers to get to know him, and anticipate his arrival. *g* Nick has a few of his reviews posted, but in the future, you’ll see him introducing his brother, Rafe, and possibly a teaser video of Taming Rafe, book 2 in the Noble Legacy (out in Sept 2007).

Now, on the faith side. The life of a writer is very demanding and busy. How do you keep yourself centered in your faith?

I couldn’t write a word without the Lord giving me the words, the time, the inspiration, the motivation. My faith, my time with the Lord comes first, and I eagerly expect and wait for the insights He gives me to each story. Of course, I spend every morning in quiet time, in prayer, and for each book I also study a passage of scripture – Philippians is my scripture study for the Noble Legacy. My faith, I believe, should be woven into all areas of my life, and by renewing my mind in the Word each day, I believe it keeps me in the proper perspective.

Any upcoming projects you'd like to share? Will Nick come visit us again?

I just finished book 2 in the Noble Legacy, Taming Rafe. This was SUCH a fun book to write because I took a headstrong, trouble-making bull-rider and paired him with a strong, wise woman who is trying to find out where she belongs – in the world of cowboys, or the New York social scene in which she was raised. And once I put these two together, sparks ignited. So fun to watch Rafe be…"tamed." (or…not!) The preview chapter is in the back of Reclaiming Nick and will be up on the Meet Nick site hopefully soon. I’m now starting Book 3 - Finding Stefanie…

Thank you so much for letting me stop by and share a few “behind the scenes” about Nick! And don’t forget to “Meet Nick!”

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