Sunday, February 04, 2007

I Protest

According to the Washington Post, American Enterprise Institute (AEI) has offered $10,000 to academics willing to contribute to a book on climate-change policy. And in case you didn't know, AEI has received funding from Exxon for several years. Basically, they want to find scientists who will debunk the concerns over carbon dioxide and other gasses linked to global warming.

Then to top it off, Exxon finished with another record breaking year for 2006 with profits reaching close to $40 billion. How many of you have had to reduce gas usage or even had to get rid of a car because you just couldn't afford the gas anymore? If you don't, then you're reading the blog of someone who had to do just that.

Exxon is a cash cow more interested in lining their pockets than helping the people of this country or the environment. That money could be better spent on research to find cleaner burning fuels. Research that has been held back by these major oil companies, I'm betting.

But today I have only one weapon and that's my voice.

Exxon, I protest.

*Image from Associated Press


Lynn Donovan said...


I didn't know this... It makes me mad. I protest also. Thank you.

CHickey said...

Add my voice to the protest. It's gotten absolutely ridiculous. My husband drives 40 minutes each way to work. I drive two miles. Yet our gas bill each month pushes $200, and that's if we don't do any extra driving. Global Warming? Yeah, it's here. The money needs to be spent on protecting the world we live in. Saving it for our future generations.

Heather said...

I have had to limit my driving, and on the off occassion that I have to drive far (like last night), I stress about it the whole time I'm in the car.

Robin Caroll said...

It's totally ridiculous, isn't it? Man, when I think back to my teen years, when gas was like .89 a gallon. Oops, I just told off on myself, didn't I?