Friday, June 29, 2007

This Blog Rocks

Kittens Come From Eggs received the Rockin' Girl Blogger award today thanks to my bud Robin Caroll. Now I'm supposed to pick five blogs to receive this fun award. Drum roll, please...

I choose:
Jennifer Tiszai (Happy Birthday, Jennifer!)
Lynn Donovan (Spiritually Unequal Marriage)
Gina Conroy (Writer...Interrupted)
Margie Vawters (The Writer's Tool)
Brandilyn Collins (Author Extraordinaire!)


Lynn Donovan said...


You know you are one of my best friends. We share so much. Thank you.

I am humbled. Jesus is my author and I give Him the credit. I also am honored to be mentioned with these other ladies who love Jesus intensely.

You deserve every recognition. Congrats!! Love you, Lynn

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Ah, that's so sweet! And I wish I had checked my e-mail and blogs earlier!