Tuesday, October 09, 2007

An Interview with Robin Caroll

Today is a most auspicious day! One of my best friends, Robin Miller (writing as Robin Caroll) joins us today to share about her first book, Bayou Justice. And because she’s also one of my awesome crit partners, I get to torment her a bit. LOL! Just kidding…well, mostly.

So, here we go!

Robin, as you look back over the last two years you’ve spent as my wonderful crit partner (please hold your applause), what would you say stands out the most to you in this process of becoming published? (Insert reverent music here.)

Has it only been two years? Gosh, it feels like forever! LOL Seriously, I mean that in a GOOD way. I can’t remember how I survived without my cps! What stands out the most? Hmmm…..I’d have to say having so many people believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. That’s humbling. VERY humbling. My family, my mentor, my cps, my writing buds, and my agent…..each one took a turn lifting me up when I was ready to chunk it all.

What has God taught you in this journey? (If she says the “P” word, get your water balloons ready and take aim!)

Don’t worry, I used my once-a-month-allowance of the “p” word on Heather’s blog! LOL I think God’s taught me, well, reminded me, that He’s in control. While I get so caught up in life and its messes, I think it’s all about me. And it’s SO not! LOL

Your books have a Cajun theme. Say something to us in that Cajun dialect you know so well. (Be still my heart…) Be sure to translate!

LOL…wow, free reign! LOL Hmmm…how about a bit of advice for writers? Lâche pas! Lâche pas la patate! Translated, that means Don’t give up! Keep it up! How’s that? My hubby says I say Mais non! a lot, which means But no! Oh no! LOLOLOL

Can I pick on her just a little more?

Gee, thanks, D! What’re friends for, huh? LOL

Robin, you’re president of American Christian Fiction Writers, a mom of three girls, a wife of 18 years…you’re about the only writer I’ve ever met who can actually write and hold a conversation at the same time. Tell the truth…when exactly did they clone you?

LOL…I wish! I just was blessed with the ability to read and write fast. Trust me, I need more hours in the day.

What’s your favorite pastime (besides killing your poor characters)?

Awww, you mean I can’t claim that one? I SO love killing my characters. Okay, I love torturing my characters, too. Does that count? Seriously, I like to scrapbook, although I haven’t had time to do it in some time. I love to talk on the phone (no comments from the peanut gallery) with family and friends. I call my mom every morning. It helps since we’re four hours away.

Favorite character in your book?

The heroine, CoCo. Maybe because so much of my own personality is in her. Or maybe because my youngest daughter’s middle name is the same, although I spelled it the Cajun way—Co-Ceaux. Or maybe because she loves the bayous I love so much. But since it’s fiction, I made her much more beautiful.

Favorite way of torturing your friends? (Just preparing myself…)

As if I’d tell you my secrets? HA! LOL

Any parting words of wisdom? (Hold your breath!)

Wanna know what I think is the coolest thing about writing fiction? You actually get to think before your character speaks. Always the quick, perfect comeback. Man, wish that would happen to me in real life! LOL

Isn’t she great? And her book is AWESOME! Run, don’t walk, and get a copy. And guess what? There are three more books in the series so you get to lose yourself in more stories about this wonderfully quirky Cajun family. Enjoy!

Thanks, D…this has been a lot of fun! :D

Be sure to leave a comment to win a copy of this fabulous book!


ForstRose said...

Dineen -
Great interview. Please add me to the drawing for Robin's book.

Robin -
I hear you on the God reminding me He's really the one in control cause I keep trying to do it myself.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Great interview!

don't enter me... Despite having ordered five copies, I bought a copy tonight...

Robin it was and is very easy to believe in you! I'm so proud of you, and thankful for the tiny part I played in this.

Robin Caroll said...

Forstrose: He has the tendency to use the 2X4 upside my head to get my attention. It's such an OUCH moment when He does. LOL

Aww, thanks Heather!

Heather said...

fun interview.
and all this without having any coffee spilled on you. huh.
yes, yes, yes--enter me for the contest! (or is it, oui, oui, oui?)

Stormi said...

Interesting interview, very different from most. I think this book sounds cool, so please enter me in the drawing.

Robin Caroll said...

Heather, spilling coffee? Mais Non! Don't want to waste something I'm so addicted to! LOL

Stormi....yeah, Dineen is one of my dearest buds, so we had fun with the interview! :D

Cherie J said...

Great interview! This series sounds wonderful.

Georgiana said...

What a cute interview! I'm really excited to read this book =)

ChristyJan said...

What a fun and interesting interview.

Sounds like a wonderful series.

Robin Caroll said...

Hey, y'all! Thanks for droping by! We had fun doing the interview and as I'm on deadline for book 4, I needed the fun! The best part? I get to see Dineen this weekend as wonderful cp that she is, she's coming to my first booksigning in Louisiana AND my launch party! WOO HOO

Misadventures of the Dynamic Uno said...

You two are SO funny! I know you'll have a wonderful time together this weekend. Congratulations on getting published Robin!

Dineen A. Miller said...

ChristyJan, you're our winner! I already have your address so I'll get it sent to you. Thank you everyone for stopping by. Stay tuned, more are coming. So many books coming out at the moment! :-)

Robin Caroll said...

I'd like to invite all of you to visit my website www.robincaroll.com and enter my Cajun Kickoff Contest!