Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More Landmarks...

Who would have thought ironing could be so poignant and memorable? Last Friday I pressed my daughter's graduation gown. Then I noticed one of the family albums poking out of the shelf. Turned out to be the album my mother made for me with pictures from babyhood to my embarkation to college. (Funny how that happened.) Of course, I had to look. Then my girls wanted to have a glance too. Ah the memories we explored that day. (And amazing how little graduation robes have changed!)

As you can see from her graduation picture, my Rachel is expressive! She's an artist to the core and in the fall will pursue a degree in illustration. So much talent. Her ceremony brought me to tears to hear her goal stated in front of everyone. "To one day have a painting in a museum." Yes, she's truly an artist. We won't tell her how most artists got there. LOL!

Next week, my Leslie will graduate middle school and make the journey to high school. I can't wait to see what these years bring her. She's already so passionate about her future. And so gifted!

God has truly blessed me as a mother. Times like these make the trials and the pains of the past years easy to forget. Let's just say God is very faithful. These two smiling faces are my proof.


Peggy said...

OK Dineen ...owner of this first photo you??? Because Rachel is below in the white, right? And then the last one, is the two of you? Oh how memorable!!!
Tuly aMazing!!!

Congratulations and best wishes Rachel!!! May the gift and talents that God has given you be fulfilled
in that awesome aspiration of hanging in a museum!!!

Indeed, Dineen you have a doublefold blessing and may all else be forgotten as you move forward in God's marvelous plan and destiny for you all...the prooof is in the SMILES!!! And He's smiling at you, Leslie,Rachel
and hubby...waiting for the completion!!!In His Grace...Peggy

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Awwww. I so love your girls!

Daiquiri said...

Congrat, proud mama!

Hey, thanks for visiting me earlier today. I really appreciated your comment :)

:-)Ronie said...

I commented on facebook, but looking at these photos...again...I just have to comment. Dineen, I know your heart just swells--your girls are beautiful and so sweet. Their beauty just shines (inside and out!). You've done a great job, mama! :-D

Lynn said...


This is precious time. A rich blessing indeed. Loved the photos. Hugs.