Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homeless Mom and Daughter Need Help

One of the members (Brandilyn Collins) of my local writing group found out one of her readers has been unfairly evicted from their home. This mom and daughter are now living in their car. And it's cold here right now, colder than I can recall in the last six years we've lived in San Jose.

This vivacious sixteen year old is also blogging about her mom and their saga here. You can read Brandilyn's updates here, while we search for a way to get this mom and daughter into warm beds for the night. The daughter, Katy, has also shared a PO Box if you would like to send financial support to get them through this time. Her mom, Liz, has a potential job interview but that's not until mid January.

Please keep Katy and Liz in your prayers. It's wonderful to see the body of Christ rallying around these two dear people. With God, we can do anything.

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Ruby (Mouth) said...

I will add them to our pray list at church and please keep us updated. I know that God will supply their need as he does ours always.