Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Body of Christ in Action!
Update on Liz and Katy Hughes

I wrote last week about Liz and Katy Hughes, a mom and her daughter who were evicted from their apartment and were living in their car. I have never been more proud of my brothers and sisters in Christ. We have rallied around this mom and daughter in their time of need and helped them on the road to get back on their feet. What a blessing for those of us able to help. And an honor.

Liz and Katy were even featured on the local news here last week and will be interviewed on Good Morning America sometime next week. To read the updates on Brandilyn Collin's blog and Katy's blog, Anywhere But Here, is amazing. God is so good!

My own family has been blessed in a special way in this. Many of you know my daughter, Leslie, was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October and had to undergo two surgical procedures. She's about to start her third week of radiation and is doing great. Leslie reached out to Katy, wanting to get to know another teen facing adversity. This is such a godsend, because Leslie hasn't wanted to reach out like this in a while. She was so excited to get an email back from Katy, and I hope we can meet them soon. Such a blessing!

Please keep Liz and Katy in your prayers. Liz needs a job, and not for lack of trying. She's been looking for three years. Hopefully a lead she has to a job will pan out in the next week or so, and they can find an affordable place to live.

To donate, please send a check to Elizabeth Hughes, P.O. Box 111525, Campbell, CA 95011. Or send through Paypal to: hugheselizabeth (@) rocketmail (dot) com.


~ Brandilyn Collins said...

Thank you, Dineen, for your post. Caring people like you who are spreading the word are making all the difference. And it's great to hear that Leslie and Katy have connected. Two great girls.

Blessings, ~ Brandilyn

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

I have "met" you before on the internet, but did not know about your daughter's battle with a brain tumor. I'm glad she is doing well. Sounds like she has a great heart. Thanks for sharing.

Cristina said...

What a beautiful story! I send all of you and Katie and Leslie prayers and love. Thanks for sharing some hope with us. I've also spread Katie and Elizabeth's story through my ladycatherina LiveJournal account - have some friends who can send up little care packages (books, art supplies, gifts, etc) so please feel free to write me at and let me know if there are any little things that would make the time more bearable for them.

Life and God have shown me over time that oftentimes things are difficult and don't end up right or don't go according to plan. So I shouldn't seek perfection so much as finding little moments of beauty and love along the way.

"For a man may make many plans, but the Lord's purposes will prevail." (Proverbs?)

Ruby (Mouth) said...

I will keep them in my prayers as well as the prayer chain at work. It is awesome that Katy found a friend in your daugher and I am thrilled to hear she is doing well. My eight year old daughter wanted to watch "Oliver and Company" this weekend and I thought of your daughter all the way through it. Be blessed.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Thank you, ladies! Appreciate your comments SO much. Such a blessing!