Sunday, February 01, 2009

S.U.M. Blog in Top 100!

Just found out today that our blog Spiritually Unequal Marriage is one of a hundred blogs voted as most encouraging and inspiring over at Internet Cafe Devotions. We fell under the "My Cup of Tea" category. What's so special about this is that our readers took the time to nominate the blog. And to be among so many wonderful blogs and bloggers!

I give all that credit and glory right back to God. He's the one who's made the ministry grow and reach those who need it. I'm simply grateful to be a part of it.


Lynn said...


To Jesus be the glory. I could not write a thing without Him. Love you girl. What an amazing thing to think He put us together. I need you and I am so glad you are my sister. Hugs~

Ruby (Mouth) said...

Congrats to everyone and praise God!! You all deserve it. ;)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

wooohooo! that's because y'all rock!

Love you!