Saturday, May 01, 2010

Clever Writing on a Shampoo Bottle

Actually it's a conditioner bottle, but that wouldn't have sounded as interesting in the title. However, here's the story. I bought a bottle of "Nourish Spa" hair conditioner at Trader Joe's and today I got to try this stuff out. I put it in my hair and checked the directions, just out of curiosity. This is what it says:

Apply after Nourish Shampoo, massaging its wealth of moisture into drenched hair. Rinse thoroughly and style.

Can you tell they really put some thought into this one line of copy to suit the spa brand? I have to say I'm impressed. I love the words "wealth of moisture" and "drenched." Cracks me up, too. Such effort for a hair product, but you know, that's what sells the stuff. Kudos to the creators.

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