Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Take on Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker

As I was traveling last week, I had quite a few hours on airplanes to read Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker. This book is a powerful allegory for the passion, pursuit, and sacrifice of Christ. I will even go as far to say that I found myself stopping at points near the end to pray, to praise Jesus for his death for us, and to pray for my husband to know what this amazing sacrifice means.

And here's where it went even farther in my heart. Not only is Toma's love for Lucine so representative of Christ's love for us, I saw in it the love Christ calls us to have for our unbelieving spouses. I could completely relate to Toma's willingness to do whatever it took, to sacrifice anything, to pray that most dangerous prayer (Lord, do whatever it takes) to bring the one he loved to truth.

As one who is spiritually mismatched, this story not only resonated with me regarding my own salvation but also the yearning to see my husband know and experience this all consuming love that is so completely and totally our God.

One line in particular stood out to me, even the page number stuck with me (pg. 285). As said of evil:

"Their lust to win the love of mortals away from God knows no bounds."

The truth of this one line resonated deeply with me. This is the battle we face on a daily basis and the darkness that encompasses our unbelieving loved ones. However, to know the depths of God's love (if that's even possible this side of heaven), or should I better say to begin to grasp this all-encompassing love God has for us, shifts the desire for our unbelieving spouses to know Jesus from a selfish motivation to a shared passion with Christ that our loved one would truly know God, to experience the sacrificial love displayed in his Son Jesus, and to walk with God's Holy Spirit.

Thought provoking, powerful, beyond fiction...this book crosses from words on the page to truth piercing the heart.

CONTEST UPDATE: Without further ado, the winner is Helen! If you left a comment on my blog or Facebook page, thank you for participating. God bless!

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