Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Are you a Caroline?

As I listened to Air 1 this morning, the song Caroline by Seventh Day Slumber came over the airwaves. I found myself tearing up when the words filtered into my cluttered mind. Wow. What a wonderful song. I wish I could include the words to it, but, alas, the publisher says I have to get permission. Here's a link. Go check it out and come back. Please.

Caroline by Seventh Day Slumber

If you know the song, it's even better. I can hear the tune running through my head as I write this. Let me wipe away your tears and give you life, make you feel beautiful again. That really speaks to me. In a world that dictates most women be a petite toothpick to be beautiful, that tells me I don't have to live by that standard. (As if I even could!) God does make me feel beautiful. I love that about Him. His presence, Christ, in me, shining forth. Beautiful.

There's that tune again. Caroline. God keeps reminding me He's there. I'm not alone. His arms are open wide. What love, what grace! So amazing…

And when you think you've gone too far, He'll meet you where you are.

Are you a Caroline?

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SONG! First time I heard that song I felt like I was smacked upside the head!

You're doing great Neen. Keep the posts coming!