Thursday, May 19, 2005

What was God thinking? (part 5)

Hi there! Welcome back. Please know that if you are coming back to read my blog, I am so very thankful. My hope is that God will use this to inspire you with His greatness. The one thing I learned in this journey: God is ever faithful. It has become my mantra.

So, God kept very silent after we got back from Switzerland. I was pretty confused…and frustrated. Then, guess what? Yep, the phone rang again. They found another company willing to deal with all the paperwork to bring Mike over as a contractor. Later, when I learned what was involved, I had a lot of admiration for the first company trying and the success of the second company. It was a go.

Oh my, it suddenly hit me. We're moving to Europe. Wow. That took a while to sink in. And when I told my friends, it was like listening to someone else. That's not me you're talking about. Oh, wait. Yes it is!

The next task was selling our house. We decided to have an open house the weekend after Thanksgiving. Life became a whirl of packing unnecessary items and putting them into storage. The For Sale By Owner sign went in the yard, and we were ready.

Let me tell you, this house was our dream home. We'd built it four years earlier on two acres of land on a cul-de-sac in the country. It was truly idyllic, but leave it to God to shake things up when you get to comfy. I know that's why He moved us. I had gotten way too comfortable. Too comfy means no growth.

The day of the open house came, and I was really stressing. I have a tendency to push things through, (yes, control freak here, thank you very much) and that's what I was feeling I had done. I remember going to sit out on the deck to pray. I'll never forget that prayer.

"Lord, if this isn't your will, I pray no one comes."

I was exhausted, to say the least. Life had been in high gear for weeks. Packing, painting, cleaning. And there we were, house decorated, candles burning, and little lights in the trees in the front yard. It all looked so pretty, despite the dreary, dismal, rainy day. One o'clock came, and we waited for the door bell to ring.

The four hours passed. And not one single person came.

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

okay you realize you have me coming up with all these little scenarios of what happens next...