Saturday, May 28, 2005

What was God thinking? (part 7)

My buddy Heather is away, so I don't have someone reminding me to make a new entry! LOL! Hope she's having a great time.

I know we left on a bit of a down note. Brave soul that she is, Mom got on that plane Monday morning and off we went. I was still clueless as to how to help her. We all were in shock, especially Mom.

Well, we came to our new home, bear of furniture. Our possessions wouldn't arrive for another few weeks, since it was coming from Amsterdam. Thankfully, Mike had aquired some air matresses and discovered a place called IKEA. I'm sure many of you know it. We actually have two here in the San Francisco Bay area. Oh, by the way, in Switzerland they pronounce it differently, eee-kay-ah. Took me almost two years to quit saying it that way!

Back to the story. We settled into our new home in a little town, or village, called Sellenbüren. We were one of the first foreign families to come into the area, and it was only about ten to fifteen minutes from Zürich. The community we lived in was nestled in the side of the Ütliberg, a well-known mountain.

At first it was like a long vacation. I had asked the Gemeinde, the local governenment that was in each town, to allow my girls to wait to start school in the fall. They had technically already finished their school year in the US. Even though the german schools still had a month of school left, they allowed it, which I found out later was highly unusual.

You know how they say hindsight is 20/20? It's true. Starting school when we got there may have helped them adjust better, but who knows.

We'd only been there maybe a week or so, and my daughters come running in all excited. They made a new friend. This bright and beautiful young girl was the same age as my oldest daughter. I was thrilled. Then I had the pleasure of meeting this girl's mother.

I'll never for get sitting at this dear lady's table, praising God in my heart that she spoke perfect English. She was ready to help in any way, but what really surprised me was one of the first questions she asked me. I think I had asked her about an English speaking church.

Her eyes lit up, and she put her hand on my arm as she asked, "Are you a believer?"


heather diane tipton said...

HA! I may not be home to bug you yet... but I can remind you to make a new entry for when I get home tomorrow night! LOL I am having a great time.
Neen, I really am loving this story.

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