Saturday, June 04, 2005

What was God thinking? (part 8)

Hello all! Sorry for the delay. It's been a really productive week. Got a lot of writing done. Woohoo!

What an awesome Saturday. Went to a book signing (no, not mine…but hopefully soon!) and met Brandilyn Collins. What a fun lady! I so enjoyed meeting her, laughing with her, and getting my copies of Stain of Guilt and Dead of Night signed. She is such a gracious person.

Ok, back to the story.

Here I sat at this lovely Swiss lady's table, never expecting to get asked a question like that. I told her, yes, I was a Christian. She then asked, "No, are you a believer?"

Well, needless to say, I was confused. I asked her if there was a difference. She told me that in Europe they believe they are Christian simply because they were born there. I guess this goes back to the early crusades and such. A believer is someone who follows Christ, what we call a Christian here. I found the distinction very interesting.

I told her I was indeed a believer and was rewarded with a very happy smile and an excited, "Me, too!" I couldn't believe it. I'd only been there a week and the first friend I make is a Christian, I mean a believer.

Folks, that's what I call a God-incidence. I was so humbled, grateful and thankful all at once. God was there, looking out for me in the smallest details.

In the weeks ahead this dear woman and I got to be great friends. Her daughter and mine became fast friends, as well. My days were spent amidst a pile of documents to translate, and there were many. I spoke the language (German) fairly well, so, of course, I was the one to do it.

It was a wonderful summer spent exploring castles, hiking in the gorgeous Swiss countryside and mountains, exploring Z├╝rich, and getting the lay of the land.

We met our immediate next door neighbors and discovered he was English, and she was Swiss. More English speaking poeple! Praise God! Then the neighbors put together a little party to welcome us. I was so surprised. What kindness. I felt sure this was a sign of things to come. We were thoroughly welcomed in our new home.

Then summer ended, and so did the tranquil days. We got to meet our oldest daughter's teacher, who also spoke fluent English. Then came to find out, our youngest daughter's teacher was a Christian. Again, I was amazed and blessed. That first day of school was so hard to send them off, but we did. And off they went to a school taught in German. I can only imagine what their first days were like, but we felt confident things were going well.

And they did. For a while. Then the real tests and trials came.

And my question. God, what were you thinking?

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Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL You really like making me wait a whole week between posts don't you?
I can excuse it though... I'm sure you are busy writing up a storm... right? ;-)