Friday, July 01, 2005


Smiling shyly, I type in the words of my next blog. Yes, it's been over a week. But you know how vacations can be. I'm not on the road at the moment. Actually I'm in Florida visiting family. That's what this trip was all about—family.

Families are amazing entities. The bonds that hold them together are an enigma to me at times. For the most part we're motivated out of love, but sometimes I think it's partly to do with identity. We identify ourselves with this certain group of people, and this identity grows.

What amazes me too is the ongoing pattern. The children grow up and start having children of their own. The family grows, changes, redefines, yet it's still family.

I sat at a baby shower the other day. This is part of the children growing up and having their own children. A few days later another of these little ones turned eighteen. I can see the next wave soon to come. Hopefully not too soon!

The cycle repeats. As do so many things around us. The seasons cycle and change, yet repeat the same basic pattern. A seed germinates, grows, blooms, dies, then distributes its seeds. The next flower comes and so on.

God created such wonderful patterns for us to see, if we only look. They tell us much about His intricacy and brilliance. God's creation is so interdependent. The food chain. A seahorse. A snowflake. A family.

God's family is the same. I think all the examples here on earth are designed to point to the family of God. And we are connected by blood. Christ's blood. It runs in all who accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

Interconnected, interdependent, integral and invaluable. We all matter. We're all a part of something bigger than the individual.

We're family.

(Next time we'll go back to the European adventures, so stay tuned. There's more to come! Blessings!)


Heather Diane Tipton said...

Hey! Don't look now.... but youblogged!!!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!! *g*

Kris S said...

Hi! Heather tagged my blog at Bravenet and I saw yours and several others on her blog so thought I'd come do some reading! Enjoyed my visit here very much! If you get a chance, come say hello to me!