Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Modern Day Pentecost

Oh my! It's been a while. Special thanks to Heather for reminding me. She's such a doll!

Big news? I finished my book. I'm now doing edits and getting it ready to pitch at the ACFW conference in September. I have a second book I need to finish for that same reason. Yes, I am a very busy person at the moment. And this is just the beginning.

So, to move forward. One of the most amazing things I ever experienced in our church in Z├╝rich was being in the unique position to worship with people from almost forty different counties. That experience turned into an indelible memory the day our pastor had us all say the Lord's Prayer—in our own languages.

The church was an old, castle like building. We shared it with the French Church. And as you can imagine, faces changed frequently. Most people were only there for two to three years before going back to their home country or on to the next.

The people were amazing. So many cultures and walks of life, bound by one purpose—to serve God. Bound by one Spirit—the Spirit of Christ. Bound by one love—God's.

Those voices ringing out, all at once, including mine. The vaulted ceiling echoed with our chant. It felt like a modern day Pentecost. All those languages, yet I knew exactly what each was saying, as did all the others. I can only imagine what God felt that day, how He viewed his children, so different on the outside, so alike on the inside, joined in worship, united.

It still takes my breath away. I hold the memory in my heart with pride. Pride in the body of Christ worshiping God as one. We can walk away and go about our separate lives, but in a moment like that, you get a foretaste of heaven.

I will treasure the experience always. Only when I finally go home will I get to do that again. And I am really looking forward to it.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL A doll for reminding you? I kinda thought I was nagging. *g*

oooh that must have been really cool!

Paula said...

This is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing the experience. Makes me long for heaven.

Thanks, too, for stopping by GraceReign. Glad it blessed you today. Hope to meet you at an ACFW event!

jon said...

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