Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Little Man That Lives in My Daughter's Purse

Yes, there is a little man that resides in my daughter's purse. His name is Edgar Allan Poe, and he is a six-inch action figure. If you ask her why, she'll tell you, "He just does."

What amazes me is, she can always tell you where Edgar is, but she can't tell you where her house key is. The sanity of it boggles my mind.

However, I chose to search for some meaning to this teen-age madness and discovered it's a matter of priorities. For her, having Edgar in her purse is a priority. Why? Again she says, "It just is." But knowing whether or not she has her house key is not. She has chosen the more important item to keep track of. A six-inch action figure has won her allegiance.

So, where do our allegiances lie? In this present life? Money? Television? Food? I'm sure you can think of several to add to the list, but one is surely missing here.


There, I said it. I used to think giving my allegiance to Jesus was the easiest thing in the world to do. Now I'm learning it is, indeed, easy to give it. It's just hard to keep it there. That is the daily battle, though, isn't it? What Paul called "running the race."

Well, I'm a weary runner, but I have hope tonight. (Or today I should say as I look at the clock.) Tonight I bought a copy of Donald Maass' Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook and read the first chapter as I waited for hubby to finish perusing. The first question to fill out talked about your heros. Who are your heros? List one.

Yeah, you guessed it. Only one name fit on that line, literally, "in my book." And I'm so glad He's not limited to a book.

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