Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Kitty Named Mitty

Meet Mitty Kitty. He's my favorite lap kitty. As you can see from the picture, he's not always the brightest either. By the webs on his face, I'd say he'd taken a venture under the house. Amazing how he came running back to the door, looking for relief. He knows where home is, and who loves him. Simple trust.

I love the way he mews at me when he's ready for a snooze. He only mews at me so he can get on my lap. His favorite spot is on a red, black and white afghan. Now put that on me, and he's in heaven. His favorite blanky on his favorite person. This cat knows what he wants.

So often I see God's lessons in things like this. Oh, he's really good at doing that. Especially through my kids. As I looked at this picture, I wondered what lesson God might want to teach me.

Is it about trust? Knowing that no matter how "messed up" I get, God is always there, waiting and ready to open the door? Is it about appearance, understanding that regardless of what's happening on the outside—getting older, fatter, you fill in the blank—God still loves me? That his love can't be lessened or increased, it just is? Or perhaps it's a lesson about endurance—accepting that things just happen sometimes. The trick is to dust off (which Mitty did himself, btw) and get back on track.

Or maybe it's just a picture of a cute but messy kitty named Mitty.

What do you see when you look at Mitty?


:-)Ronie said...

the most adorable kitty in the world, that's what I see...and a world of memories from our visit last summer.

Poor Mitty Kitty. :-( I hope you gave him extra loads of love for this traumatic experience. After all, I know how I FREAK out when I walk through a cobweb. Poor meow-meow. LOL

Heather Diane Tipton said...

dust off and get back on track...

Great post Neenie. And the cat is adorable... yeah yeah I hate cats, LOL

Ron Estrada said...

My two kitties don't have excellent adventures. They will, however, be released to the wild if they wake me up at 3am one more time.

Camy Tang said...

Is this the one who doesn't do anything except yeolp at me?

Jeff said...

Cute kitty :)