Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mount Hermon Moments Part Deux

Here are three of the midnight madness that coagulated at the coffee shop each night, Brandilyn Collins, Steve Laube, and Meredith Efken. I have to say, sitting around these three and the others who came and went was a blast. Steve's a pretty funny guy. And well, Brandilyn's just Brandilyn. LOL! Watch out for Meredith. That girl is a suspense writer waiting to happen. This coffee shop is the birth place of the notorious Mount Hermon Chick-lit Caper. That reminds me. Anybody heard from Randy Imgermanson lately?

Skunk, anyone? I took this picture just so you could see the spot of my skunk encounter. Confession time. I got lost trying to find my way back to my room Sunday night. It was dark, the sky and moon were blanketed in clouds. I was a lone woman walking the road, trying to find my way home. LOL! Had enough yet?

Here's the suspenseful version.

I walked the dark street with only a flashlight to guide me. Farther and farther I walked. Nothing looked familiar. I looked behind me, fearing a car wouldn't see me. Then I'd just be tomorrow's road kill.

On I went until a path opened. I bolted up , relieved to be off the open road. Trees closed in around me. Only my footsteps broke the din of the teeming crickets. I neared some steps, glanced up. And froze.

A black and white animal hopped up the stairs. My first thought? It's Mitty Kitty!

Then I remember I wasn't home, and that was no Mitty Kitty. It was a skunk!

Thankfully my night time friend (or should I say nemesis?) didn't see me as I bolted for the next set of stairs farther up on the path. Whew! Call me odorless...thank goodness!

Any of these faces look familiar? This is my mentoring group, led by the magnificent Brandilyn Collins. We got to spend every morning with her, learning and eating chocolate. Great group! Loved being with these wonderful people. So much talent too! Such an honor to be with them all week.

So, that's it for the Mount Hermon moments. Hope you enjoyed the show. Tune in next week for more interviews. In the meantime, write on, dudes!


:-)Ronie said...

Again--GREAT photos girl!! Love the skunk story. LOL

Robin Caroll said...

Great photos...sounds like you had fun! And the skunk? LOLOLOLOL

Heather Diane Tipton said...

lol love the photos.

and yes several of those faces look familiar. lol.

Great skunk story... this version is funnier than the one you told me before... of course I laughed both times. :-p