Monday, July 10, 2006

We Have a Winner!

The winner of a copy of MaryLu Tyndall's book, The Redemption, is Lynetta! Congratulations!!! Lynetta, email me your information so I can forward it to the powers that be. LOL!

Now for fun, you get to listen in on a late night converstation with my good but goofy friend Heather...

Dineen: What are we going to talk about?
Heather: I don't know. This was your brilliant idea. What time is it anyway?
D: It's 12:30 am my time, 2:30 your time.
H: Yes, I can add 2, thank you.
D: Very funny.
H: Are you still typing this?
D: Yes.
H: Are you 3 years old?
D: Umm, last time I checked I was 40. LOL!
H: Yeah, you turned 40 and lost your ever-loving mind.
D: LOL! Yeah, it checked out and insanity checked in.
H: LOL! Don't forget to say your friend Heather is a brilliant writer.
D: My friend Heather is a brilliant writer.
H: It was brilliant, brilliant. Get it right. Maybe we should pick a topic.
D: Ok, genius, shoot!
H: It's 2:30 am where I am and you woke me out of a sound sleep. You pick the topic.
D: Hmmm, let's see. We could talk about how you're almost done with your book.
H: (groans) Why would we want to talk about that?
D: Is this the end of the convo?
H: No comment...


Jennifer Tiszai said...

Hey Dineen, remind me never to give you my phone number ;) And no calling our room in Dallas at oh dark thirty.

You guys are nuts. Of course, it was the middle of the night.

Cathy West said...

You couldn't just have a conversation at a decent hour like normal people?
Never mind, forgot who I was talking to there for a minute...

Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL You really posted it. Thank God you didn't type up the rest of our convo! LOL!!!

LOL And Jennifer in all fairness to Neenie, she assumed I would be up because I usually am at that time.

Loved our convo Neenie! Love you too!

Ron Estrada said...

I have caller ID and I'm not afraid to use it.

Robin Caroll said...

LOLOL....I hope D never types up any of our late night convos! LOLOL I might be in BIG trouble! :)

Camy Tang said...

You mean Heather wasn't up at 2:30? What, is she starting to go to bed like normal folk?