Thursday, March 29, 2007

Visual Noise

Imagine a big wedge of cheese. Got that image in your mind? (No drooling.) Continue to imagine that shape slightly taller than a van and about as wide. Picture this "thing" hitched to said van with the point at the front of the hitch. (Great for reducing drag, eh?)

Now think of any billboard you seen lately plastered on vinyl and attached to the three sides. What have you got? A traveling billboard. (I want to know how much they pay the guy to drive the thing around all day!)

I saw this traveling commercial the other day, amazed that advertising had found another way to display their client's wares. (We won't even talk about how poorly the ad was designed. Not even a place for your eye to rest! We'll leave that to another post.)

What's really amazing is I watched the surrounding traffic and people actually went out of their way to look at this billboard. One guy even risked a few glances as he made a left turn.

I know it sounds gaudy. Believe me, I only briefly entertained the idea of a book advertisement splattered on it's panels before etiquette slapped me upside the head. But, I had to admire whoever thought outside the billboard box on that one.

Another one I've seen in recent weeks is a guy on a tandem bike. (Thank you Camy for reminding me of that one!) Attached to his bike is a small billboard over his head. This guy gets paid to basically ride his bike through the crosswalks of an intersection all day long. And why not? You have a captive audience, right?

Another place I found online called Britemoves has scrolling billboards on their trucks. (Europe has been using this and rotating billboards for years actually.)
Can you imagine the cover of the latest romance novel shifting into view right in front of your eyes? Talk about an eye catcher.

My question though is how long will this work? We already live in a society that inundates us with commercials, dirigibles, dancing balloons, billboards, ads painted on cars, and a whole slue of antics. New methods come out constantly to enhance the ones people just don't see anymore, because they're so common.

What are they going to do next, offer ad space on book jacket flaps? I bet someone's already tossing that idea around...


Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL That's kinda sad. Love this

Rich said...

Wow, that really IS sad. Wonder what that guy on the bike got paid per hour (or per bite?). Maybe he hands out free samples?

Hey, Dineen. Are you coming to Mount Hermon this year?

Robin Caroll said...

LOL...okay, I'm sick and all, but I love seeing unique advertising. Oh, the commercials annoy me, unless it's the Ford one where the car's driving on the building--that one cracks me up; have you ever seen the "disclaimer" at the bottom of the screen on that one? Hilarous! But, I digress. I love seeing new marketing and advertising concepts. Why? To me, someone's thinking outside the box and that "hooks" me. I like the electronic billboards--we actually have 4 in the Rock now, and I always look to see the "new" ads. I'm a boxing fan and I get tickled because the fighters are now selling "ad space" on their backs or legs to promote something. It cracks me up. But hey, that's me!