Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another Pivotal Moment...

I stood in my kitchen the other day, chatting with my 17 year old daughter. I found myself talking to her about something I wanted her input on. As I spoke, I realized there'd been a shift in our relationship.

My daughter attended a summer precollege art program at California College of the Arts. A very transforming month for her and a type of preparation time for me. I tasted what it will be like when she goes to college next year.

So there I stood in my kitchen, chatting with this amazing young woman, and at the same time, I realized we were at the first stages of friendship. My first thought? Now I know how my mom felt.

When I mentioned what I was feeling to my daughter, her face lit with a smile and she said, "I know! Isn't it great?"

Kids are amazing. They enter the world as these tiny, helpless little beings, who immediately wrap our hearts (and stomachs in knots) and then over time transform into amazing, independent adults set on a path of their own. Where did the time go?

I've loved every stage of their growing up, and I'll admit that sometimes I really miss the babies they were. But I'm enjoying this new stage in our relationship.

I fly to Florida next week to see my mom. Now I get to tell her, "I totally get it."


:-)Ronie said...

Aww, too precious!! I love this, Neen. How kewl. And so encouraging.

Have a fabulous time in Florida!

Heather said...

My mom has been my best friend for over a decade now. I treasure her and hope that when we have kids, we can have a little girl who will grow up to be my best friend.

Lynn Donovan said...

This is so cool. I can't wait for this to happen to me.

God bless you Dineen. Travel safe. Love and hugs, me

Robin Caroll said...

It's neat, huh? LOL At least I still have a "little one" to balance the oldest getting lined up for college.

Have a WONDERFUL time in Florida! I'll miss ya!

Kathleen Marie said...

I am on my fourth of these experiences. My son will be 16 son and maybe he has seen how the relationship has changed between me and his older siblings but I have notice that he is already talking to me more like a friend. He is sharing his feelings with me a bit more freely and a year or two earlier than his siblings.

It is also a little different between the boys and girls. He often wants to know how a woman thinks about certain things. I am not sure if my girls ever asked my husband certain matters, like how do guys think about they way girls dress? Interesting.

Also, I am curious about your name Dineen. Dineen was my greatgrandmothers maiden name. Is it a family name?

I came her by way of Spiritually Unequal Marriage. Lynn is just precious.

CHickey said...

My daughter will be twenty-five in December. It seems like yesterday we were struggling through the teen years and two "women" living in the same house. Now, we're greata friends, as I am with my mother. Isn't life grand?