Friday, June 12, 2009

The Bible as a Magazine?

Found out about an interesting book watching Stephen Colbert the other night. The Bible Illuminated. Created by Swedish-based Illuminated World and approved by the American Bible Society, this magazine style Bible uses the Good News Translation mixed with images from today. The New Testament is available now and the Old Testament can be pre-ordered.

I'm fascinated with this concept. One, Scandinavia is one of the least "religious" areas in the world. The potential for this "coffee-table" style Bible to reach those unexposed to Christianity could have huge potential.

On the other hand, some of the images seem odd. One of a group of three gangster-looking men seemed to be linked to the three wise men. I laughed at first, then struggled with the connection.

The covers themselves are very evocative and strong. Here again, I can see these image working quite well in the Scandinavian region known for its free thinking, yet I can also picture the more conservative side finding these covers verging on inappropriate.

However, I'd like to believe the potential is there to reach those who wouldn't otherwise pick up a Bible on their own. And perhaps here is where we have to trust that God will certainly use this to his glory.

We've seen Him use stranger things, haven't we?


Ane Mulligan said...

Absolutely fascinating! I hadn't heard about that before. Actually, I think it's a pretty good approach for Scandinavia. It's what's inside that counts, and the Word is inside the cover. :)

Sue Dent said...

It's who publishes that counts here in America and since this book doesn't seem to be produced by an affiliated publisher (I could be wrong but I've checked and this doesn't seem to be the case,) it won't get inside a Christian Bookstore nor will it have the sales that come from affiliated publishers pushing it and spreading the good news. It may do all right even at that but doubtful.

Angie said...

Yes we have seen HIM do stranger things--- (as in donkey's talk---and not the one on shrek!)I've not seen this particular book, but I did purchase a Bible Magazine by Zondervan---it is the NCV and has good picture on the cover. They also make one for men as well as teen girls as well as boys (Becoming -women--Align--for men; Refuel--teen guys and Re-something else for girls.)

Very interesting though!
It may make it into the secular bookstores :)

RebekahC said...

I have been anxious to get my hands on a copy of this book/magazine since it first was published. The entire concept really intrigues me, and I'm eager to take a look at it first hand in its entirity. From what I could tell just by browsing a few pages online, it definitely looks like something that could be looked down upon by some while truly reaching others. KWIM?


Dineen A. Miller said...

Exactly, Rebekah! :-)

Lynn said...


Wow, I would love to hear more about this. Facinating. I agree with the comments above.