Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Firstborn by Conlan Brown

This week, the

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The Firstborn

Realms (May 5, 2009)


Conlan Brown

Born in 1984, Conlan Brown was functionally illiterate until the fifth grade, when he learned how to read and write, as well as a love of story, from his grandmother. Conlan went on to start college at the age of sixteen, and now holds a Master's degree in Communication, which taught him the academic principles needed to write Firstborn.

Conlan lives on Colorado's Front Range where he is working on his next book. He enjoys video editing, film scores, and developing high octane, thought provoking fiction that turns pages and excites the senses.

Three supernatural gifts. Two thousand years of division. One moment of truth.

Hannah's head hung, long brown hair in her eyes. Her face felt pasty with cold and fatigue and pain. Arms behind her back, she sat in a chair, wrists and ankles tied to the wooden frame, chair legs bolted to the floor. A cold car. A gun. Horror. Pain. Grief. Screaming. A windshield blistering with holes. Darkness.

It all came over her like a flood. A pouring out of pictures in her mind. But then there was one more thing. Not an image, but a feeling--that half a continent away someone else had felt it all happening too.

The Firstborn, those gifted with Foresight, Hindsight, and Insight at the time of Christ's death are divided between themselves. And when an Islamic holy man is murdered outside of his mosque it becomes apparent that one of the Firstborn was to blame. Now, with the threat of a terrorist attack on an unspeakable target the Firstborn are spiraling out of control. Leaders are dying, members are being kidnapped, and unity is being forced. Three heroes, differently gifted and divided must work together to thwart those who would go too far.

Their breakneck race against time plunges them into a world of danger and through a gauntlet across the United States. From the Riverwalk of San Antonio, where Devin Bathurst, John Temple, and Hannah Rice must protect one another from assassination, to the gritty streets of Washington DC, a paramilitary compound in Pennsylvania, and ultimately back to our nation's capital, the Firstborn must unite to prevent an impending atrocity from becoming reality.

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If you would like to read the first chapter excerpt of The Firstborn, go HERE. I have a copy of this book to give away so, be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win!


Ruby (Mouth) said...

WOW!! The trailer for this looks awesome!! Definitely need to pick this book up. You always have the neatest authors on here, ones that I would not have looked at normally.

SheriYates said...

I would love to read it. We have 2 in our home that could get through it. Today is my first visit to your blog. I love it! Love, sheri

Rebekah (the_littleminx) said...

OOOh, I can totally see myself reading this. Sounds exciting! Thanks for sharing this great preview, and please toss me in the draw. Thanks!!

littleminx (at) cox (dot) net

Chas. Funderburg said...


I love this kind of book. Reminds me of several movies I have seen and books I have read, including The Watchers and The Warriors by Mark Olsen.

Even if I don't win it, I'd love to read it!

Ramona Richards said...

Definitely a book I'd like to read. I hope Conlan and Realms have a great success with it.

Dineen A. Miller said...

Rebekah, your the winner! Gonna email you now to get your info!

Thanks you, everyone, for stopping by. :-)