Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where have I been?

Well, obviously not here. Unfortunately, I spent a week battling a sick laptop, which ultimately died, then had to deal with software failure. All this during my busiest design and writing time of the year! My bank account is so dry it sunk in on itself!

But I have been busy with some other posts!

Why am I standing by a funny-looking basket in a bright pink shirt? Go read My Disc Golf Adventures to get the full scoop. Looks like I'm a bag-toting player now. And having a blast! I love sharing this with my awesome disc-playing hubby and he seems to enjoy that I'm out there. I refuse to be a "disc golf widow!"

Then if you're still wanting to read more about my determination to stay connected to my sweet hubby, take a look at my post, The Physical Connection, over at Adding Zest. Let me know what you think of my four suggestions. This post was fun to write but really a stretch for this "prude!"

And stay tuned for more book reviews. I'm reading some great books right now. More soon!


Ruby (Mouth) said...

Glad you are okay. Was a bit worried. :)

Ronie Kendig said...

How kewl! I love that you're doing disc golf with your hubby. That's a really neat thing to have in common.

Love ya!