Friday, October 16, 2009

Traveling Again

I'm traveling again around the blogosphere. I hope you'll drop by S.U.M. and Laced with Grace for my latest posts there. Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

How full is your net? — Is your "life-net" coming up empty. Maybe you've cast it in the wrong direction... The Mind of Christ journey continues at S.U.M. Please feel free to join in!

The Attitudes of Waiting, Part 2
— What's your attitude in those times God asks us to wait? Are you waiting patiently? Waiting expectantly?

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Caroline said...

I know He is teaching me patience. It can get touch but I notice I am learning bit by bit. About the expectancy I need to work more on that I think sometimes I fail in that area or do not think about it because I am so wrapped up in my worries. Great questions to ponder.