Monday, October 26, 2009

When He Loses Someone
by Thomas O. Mason

When I received the email about the blog tour for Transforming the Valley of Grief by Thomas O. Mason, I jumped on it. A dear man in my church had just lost his wife to cancer. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after my daughter was. I knew right way I had to get this book for him. One, finding books written on such topics in a male perspective are rare. Two, it would be one small way I could try to help him in his grief, where I felt very inadequate.

I looked the book over first, of course. I was impressed with the author's use of self-identification. He didn't hold back in sharing his own grief and feelings during each stage. And at the end of the chapter are "notes" to both the griever and to those around him. These are full of valuable tid bits, no matter which place you hold.

This past Sunday, my friend hugged me as soon as he saw me. The book was already having a huge impact on him. And not just him, but his grown children, a son and a daughter. My friend felt understood, and that is so critical in any trial we face. There we can find such comfort.

I would like to thank the author personally, Mr. Mason, for taking the time to write such a book and share personal details of his loss in order to minister to others. His book has already made the difference in the lives of many. To see my friend encouraged and strengthened...such a gift to him and to me.

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