Monday, April 19, 2010

The Rewards of Simplicity
by Pam and Chuck D. Pierce

I recently requested a free copy of The Rewards of Simplicity by Pam and Chuck D. Pierce for review from Bethany House. The title intrigued me, especially since I've sensed a need to simplify in my own life.

The book starts out in Pam Pierce's point of view. She shares a lot from her own experiences of how God called her to simplify her life. This part was definitely the spiritual part in the subtitle "A Practical and Spiritual Approach." Only when she got the the last few pages of her par of the book did she delve into the practical applications. Though I appreciated how God had worked in her life as she shared through experience, I finished her part of the book still wondering what the take away value was.

The second part of the book is written from Chuck D. Pierce's point of view and at first, got me excited that I'd now find more of take away value of this book. But again, though his wisdom and experience are wonderful and intriguing at times, I reached the end of the book still wondering what this book offered beyond what I already knew.

As a more mature Christian (but by no means there yet!), I could connect in many ways to what the authors had lived and shared. The last two years alone have stretched my faith in ways I never imagined possible. But I wonder if a newer Christian would wind up lost.

This could very well just be one of those books that will appeal to some and not others. I have no doubt that God will use the authors' words to reach and help people in significant ways. I, however, am not one of those people. Perhaps that's because many of the things they shared I've already come to appreciate and am implementing slowly in my own life. I wanted more...just not sure what, to be honest.

So, I recommend you check out the book well before you buy it. Make sure you feel the book with benefit you. Like I said, I think this is one of those books some will appreciate, like me, and others will truly benefit from.

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