Sunday, November 06, 2005

Short but Sweet and a Thousand Words Down

Book Update: 77.8K
Goal: 80 to 85K, still!
Deadline: Oh, I'm so close! Next week for sure.
Current Reads: 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt/Fame by Karen Kingsbury

I'm only on page twelve of 45 Master Characters. This book is awesome! I've already got two pages of notes for the protagonist for my next book. Can't wait to start on this new book. I love the idea. Stay tuned for that one.

I actually managed a thousand words today despite a run to Target and constant interruptions. Tomorrow will most likely be a bust between church, children's choir, adult choir, and a trip to Michaels for a school project. Oh, what joy. Story land will jsut have to wait.

Have a blessed Sunday!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

YAY!!! good for you!

LOL sorry, I'm sure I was one of the constant interruptions. and you can squeeze in a few words tomorrow.

Robin Caroll said...

Keep pushing, girl. You're SO CLOSE. Work around the out, girlfriend. I'm so proud of your determination and follow-thru!

CHickey said...

You and Robin both have been talking about this book. I've got to get it! I've so many books on writing to read...I'll never be finished!

Ron Estrada said...

And WHY, pray tell, do I have to go to y'alls blogs to find out about a cool writing book?

Robin Caroll said...

Sheesh, Ron, I TOLD you about the book MONTHS ago...proof once again that men DON'T really listen! LOLOLOLOL