Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Somewhere Between Death and Sleep

It's that strange little place where you know you're on your feet, but you just don't know how. Ever been there? (Insert maniacal giggle here.) Well, I'm there. Care to join me?

The only cause I can identify is the simple existence of the month of December and all the accouterments and events which fall in this somewhat fiendish month. No, I am not Mrs. Scrooge. I am simply a tired woman who has fallen victim to all this self induced chaos.

Have I talked you in circles yet? Yes? Well, then we have something in common.

The list goes on. (Insert moment of sanity here.) This month kills me every year. I have two daughters and both of their birthdays fall in December. Thus, in addition to all the school activities and Chistmas shopping (which I have yet to begin), I have two birthdays to buy and plan for. Am I complaining? Absolutely yes. But just a little. These two gems are worth every wrinkle.

Now back to chaos. A solution to all the hub-bub still eludes me as is evident by the exhaustion sagging through my body. I trudge on to the next task, determined to persevere. A running dialogue in my mind attempts to convince me this will all end soon. The delusion is immense. Parts of my brain shut down in a bizarre replication of an emergency computer back-up.

Eyes heavy, body weary, I fall into bed, pray my heart out for protection and strength, giving thanks for every twisted moment of it. Am I darranged? I'll let you to decide. The voting booth is disguised below under the word "comment."

Deck the shoppers who walk so lazy,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season that makes me crazy,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Stop me now, before I lose it,
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
Tell them all I'm no longer lucid,
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Merry Christmas to all and to all a very bizarre night.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

ROFL... you had me rolling with this one Neenie!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

You know, I decided not to write at all this month, and I still can't get anything done. Then, when I'm trying to sleep, other peoples' wips are haunting me. That's so not fair. If something's going to keep me awake, it better be my own work. LOL.

Gotta love those December birthdays. Mine wants a sleepover. Um, no.

:-)Ronie said...

Oh, how hilarious!!! For me, I HATE the crowds...the grumpy, Scrooge-loving crowds that seem more bent on shoving you out of the way than saying, Merry Christmas. GRRR. My solution? ONLINE SHOPPING. No kidding.

Pammer said...

ROFLol. Love the song. You poor thing. I have two birthdays in December. Thank the Lord they are my neice and nephew and not my kids (see? I know how to space them apart, lol). But we don't celebrate Christmas with gifts. We do that AFTER the madness. :0) Hugs and many prayers, oh and LOTS of chocolate heading your way.

Malia Spencer said...

Ouch! I'm barely keeping up with school, never mind two kids birthdays and Christmas shopping. Good luck with it. And thanks for visiting my blog!

Camy Tang said...

Dang! Who took my friend Dineen and replaced her with Brandilyn Collins?

LOL. I'm serious. You sound very Brandilyn-ish in this post. But I think that's a good thing.

Isn't it good to step outside your comfort zone and write something off the wall?


Dineen A. Miller said...

You guys are great for putting up with my mood. LOL! I had fun with this one. Pammer, love the chocolate, yes, yes! Camy, I promise I'm still here...somewhere.

Ron Estrada said...

I've adopted a "just say no" attituded. NO I'm not buying for my third cousin's adopted children. NO I'm not participating in the Secret Santa thing. NO I'll not be attending a family gathering that you choose to have on Christmas Day forty miles away. And, for those of us with kids in public schools, lets not forget those kind teachers who feel parents are not capable of entertaining their own children, so they take them on field trips to movies (that I don't approve of) and roller rinks and bowling (yes, really). Last year I got to build a grahm cracker house for my daughter, a skill I'm sure she'll appreciate during her graduate course at MIT. We're all losing it, dear. Somewhere in there is the birth of Christ. It's hard to see, but we try.

Robin Caroll said...

LOL, D.....and for me, this month has been, uh, horrid aside from all the craziness! LOL But you know, I've found that telling my kids it's NOT Christmas we're preparing for, it's celebrating Jesus' bday helps me. Keeps me focused on what IS important. But in the meantime, have a cup of eggnog. Really. LOL

Lynetta said...

LOL! Great song, Dineen. I can so relate. Every year my New Year's resolution relates somehow to being better organized so that I can be ahead and not do everything in Dec, yada yada yada... never happens. Somehow we always manage to muddle through, huh? :-)
Blessings to ya!

Jeff said...

dineen- Hang in there, Jan. is coming! hehe

btw- I love the song :)