Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Let's Try That Again

I'd had hoped the concept I posted on New Years Eve would have really taken off. Maybe it was too shrouded in the holiday, maybe its time hasn't come yet, maybe I'm way off base, but I want to give it one more shot.

I got some great comments from that post, and I was blessed by those who just wanted to be a part of it. That's the amazing thing. Part of me feared there would be an abundance of needs posted and not enough givers. Guess what? I got more givers than takers.

Oh me of little faith.

Let's try it again, shall we? If you have a need, even prayer, leave a message. If you see a need you can fill posted, leave a message saying you'll take it.

Ane Mulligan emailed me, happy to be a part, and commented how it reminded her of the movie, Pay It Forward. It is a lot like that. Didn't realize it myself until after I posted. It also makes me think of how things were for the early church. They relied on one another for their needs, all for the sake of spreading Christ's message of love.

That's what I'm hoping to do here. Share Christ's love.

So jump in and spread the word.


Robin Caroll said...

Yes, it IS kinda like PAY IT FORWARD, except no one will die like in the movie, which ticked me off, btw! LOL

Okay, I'll post a need here....I need prayers for my daughter, Emily. I'm recognizing and realizing satan's using her to get to me. Please cover her in prayer! I would SO appreciate it!

:-)Ronie said...


Gotcha covered, Robin!! Love you, girl!

Okay, I've got a prayer request: reconciliation with a family member and prayer for my hubby's career goals. Okay, so that's two...LOL.

Cara Putman said...

Now I get it. I missed the idea earlier. Guess I was slow :-)

Please pray for my sister and BIL -- they bought an old Salvation Army and need tons of wisdom from God as they turn it into a home (it was missing things like plumbing to connect the kitchen sink to anything and no 220 electrical sockets) and my sister's dance studio takes off. It's a Christian studio, which is really cool, but I know she needs more students, etc., to make it fly in the new location.

Also one of my brother's is considering a move back home to become a worship leader -- and a girl would move to town because he was moving home. They need lots of wisdom and Joel needs to understand how serious she is if she moves to North Platte!

Thanks for the opportunity to share and I'll be praying for your needs, too.

Robin Caroll said...

This is all great! I'm jotting on my lists! Another thing I think to keep in mind, don't be afraid to post a monetary, physical need. I know D wants everyone to post their needs...ALL types of needs.

Staci Stallings said...

I LOVE this idea, and if you don't mind, I'll pass the blog onto others as we are beginning to do the same thing here. One of the coolest ideas God has sent my way recently is a Prayer Blanket. I just went through the worst December of my life (capping off the worst year). Pnuemonia complicated with a pulled lung muscle which was extremely painful is not the most peaceful way to celebrate the holidays. One of my friends from ACFW wrote to see how I was doing, and she told me she was sending me a prayer blanket that someone had sent her after a car accident a year or so ago. She said, "I don't know why, but I feel a real push to send it to you." Strangely I was getting much better at the time. However, I have since learned why. My prayer group is now praying over several blankets which will be distributed as the needs arise. Thought I'd pass this idea along because it has been very inspiring around here.

Secondly I have two prayer requests. The first is for my brother who recently came to realize he can't do everything, and he's been trying to do it all himself. Please pray that he will become willing to see himself the way God sees him--not on an accomplishment/reward system but on a love system.

Finally, please pray for my daughter who is in 4th grade. She is really struggling in school, not because she's not smart but because the school expects 4th graders to do 7th grade work. (Their last social studies test had the American Indians, the Civil War, the American Revolution, the Civil Rights Movement, AND Mohatma Ghandi on it. Oy vey! Could we learn and understand ONE thing before we throw it all in the pot?!) Please pray that she will persevere despite the world trying to break her down to its level.

Thanks! And thanks Dineen. Great idea.

MaryLu Tyndall said...

Dineen.. what an idea straight from God. Bless you for it. Staci, I'll step up to the throne room with your prayer requests for your brother and your daughter! What a privilege to pray for each other. I would ask prayers for my 2 children, Josh and Crystal who are not living for the Lord right now and are far from him. Thanks and God Bless

eileen said...

Marylu, I'll pray for Josh and Crystal. Please pray for my cousins Phil and Becky. They are not saved and under great stress. What do people do without Jesus?
I also could use some writing work. Finances are always tight when you're retired.

Gina Holmes said...

Dineen, excellent idea. Count me in on the prayer requests and Dineen, may God bless this very Christian idea! (and your writing this year.)In His name.

Pat Gonzales said...

What a great idea this is! Staci, I will pray for your brother and your precious little fourth grader.

I have a request, not the most important in my life, but right now the most imminent as far as time. When I was at ACFW conference in Nashville, I rented a car from Dollar Rent-A-Car for my daughter to use. She was in a minor accident with it - we did not take Dollar's insurance because my insurance here in Colorado said I was fully covered. My insurance did pay out $4500 in damages on the vehicle with no problem. Right before Christmas, got a letter form some Alternative Claims place representing Dollar Rent-A-Car, saying I owe them another $3969.00 for "Los of use" (40 days in the shop at $42/day, $500 for "administrative fees", among other charges. These and the other charges are outrageous. They want their money by 1/17/06 or they are taking me to collections. I have an appointment with a lawyer tomorrow, but I'm asking for prayers. If the charges are fair and reasonable, I will be glad to pay them, but I think this is totally ridiculous. Even my insurance company says they have never seen a rental agency go after a client like this. Please pray it all works out. Thank you and thanks to Dineen for sharing this wonderful idea!

ScrollSquirrel said...

This is an awesome idea!!!

Praying for all your needs and including my own:

1. I need physical healing in my body in a major way.
2. I need wisdom and grace in dealing with some difficult relationships in my life.
3. I need prayer against spiritual oppression, personal attacks, emotional attacks with depression, and attacks on my marriage and my children.

Thanks so much Dineen for doing this. Praying for each of you,

Cheryl Wyatt (Squirrel)

Kjersten said...

Hi; what a nifty idea; I saw PAY IT FORWARD last month. Loved the movie, but like Robin the ending ticked me off as well. I'll add Cheryls & others health issues to my prayer list.

I have a partial $ need. I have Lyme disease but have been watching God do amazing things in my friends & family through it. God has been so faithful in this whole scary thing. My expensive meds are covered through the patient asst programs, but my supplements (of course) are not. I can only afford some of them. At $18 & $20 a pop it's really adding up. So getting all the supplements my doc's prescribed every month has been challenging to say the least.

So is my need clear as mud? I've been told I can blame brain problems on the Lyme. ;-)

God bless and I'll be praying for you guys...& gals.