Thursday, January 05, 2006


So many wonderful comments have been left. I would like to post the prayers for what's been left so far. I also would like to encourage you to keep leaving requests as needed. Physical needs are welcome, too. You never know. Something someone needs may be the very thing you have and don't need, or you may be the tool God wants to use to fulfill His purpose in another person's life.

Here we go...

Robin, we both know the enemy hits us here. Ronie, too. Like you said, at least we see it. I'm praying for protection for all of us.

Ronie, I know God is working in this for you and will resolve it and restore peace. I pray this relationship be blessed and bless you both in the days and years to come.

Cara, thanks for stopping by. What your sister and BIL are doing will be such a blessing to the community. I'm praying for that. God will provide, because they have stepped out in faith. He will reward their faith. This community is about to be richly blessed. I pray for your bother Joel's future ministry to be a blessing to many and that he remain in God's hand for guidance. I also pray for wisdom for him and this young woman so that they may be properly guided to a relationship that glorifies God.

Staci, I pray this blanket ministry will bring healing and renewal in the lives these blankets touch. I pray for the prayers and the hands doing the work, that God would sustain them and this ministry. I pray that your brother will entrust his life to God, release the burden of his need to be in control, and allow the Holy Spirit to empower him. I pray for your precious daughter to be strengthened and held closely in God's hand, for you as her mother to persevere through such frustration, and that you both would be stronger individually and together for the future. I pray that the bond between you be blessed and stengthened also.

MaryLu, I pray Josh and Crystal would see the light of Christ in yours and your husband's eyes. That their hearts and minds be prepared by God to receive Him and acknowledge them as their Lord. And may God give you the prayers and strength you need to minister to your children in the interim.

Eileen, I pray for your Phil and Becky to see they need Christ more than anything in their lives. That God would put the right people in their lives to show this to them and to be there to help them along the way. I pray that God's mighty hand of provision would provide whatever this great need is in their lives. This will be a turning point for them. I pray also that you would be provided for, Eileen, that God would sustain you new writing projects and guidance in your endeavors.

Gina, thank you so much for that. I'm praying for you too. That God would open the doors to the right agent and pulisher for your work. And that he would especially continue the wonderful ministry you are doing with Novel Journey.

Pat, I pray for your daughter and your family to be freed of this situation. I pray for wisdom for this lawyer. I pray that this case would be thrown out and exposed as rediculous. I pray for the hearts of the people behind this pursuit to be changed and the unfairness of it to be exposed. I pray that God would be glorified in the process and for perseverance for you and your daughter.

Cheryl, I pray for your physical healing, that all areas of your body be touched by God. That you be restored to complete physical health. I pray that God would give you wisdom in dealing with these difficult relationships and insight into the hearts of these people so you can have understanding and direction to pray for them. I pray for your family to be protected by the mighty and omniscent hand of God, that the enemy's attempts to opress you and your family be thwarted, and that your familial bonds to your children and husband be strengthened.

All praise and glory to Christ who strengthens us, holds us close to his heart, and lavishes us with the love he died on the cross to give us. Amen.

My dear friend Camy also takes prayer requests and prays on Sundays. Thank you for sharing your needs. Please continue to do so.

A final pieces of news. I've been blessed with some fantastic crit buddies who have become treasured friends. Together we've started a new blog adventure called Story Board. We're in the process of creating characters based on the book 45 Master Characters by Victoria Lynn Schmidt and plan to start writing and ongoing story of sorts with these characters. Stop by and enjoy the ride.

God bless!


Sabrina L. Fox said...

Dineen, what a wonderful thing you're doing. You challenge me as a christian. Lot's of love to you!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

okay you know how I am, I'm resistant to showing need... that's why I didn't post on your last post. But I will now.

Neen, I think what you are doing here is so freaking awesome. (Hey, can I be you when I grow up??)I admire it and you greatly.

k, needs... LOL Prayer is always a good idea. I need prayer in all my writing efforts. That I will continue to be open to whatever the Lord would have me to do. That what He has for me to do right now doesn't freak me out. Need prayer against the spiritual attacks too.

And I'm not sure this is a need all though I would like to think my peace of mind is, LOL, I have three trips that I want to take this year, (one being ACFW conference) that I feel like I should go on. So prayers that God will provide monetarily for me to be able to go would be great! (You know, He could just drop airline tickets from the sky! LOL)

Robin Caroll said...

LOL....okay, not only do I WANT the way to make it to several conferences this year, ACFW being one, but I also want all who desire to go to be able to attend as well. Conferences are VITAL to unpublished writers, if they're serious about writing, that I wish God would provide the funds for every writer struggling to try and get to the conferences.

Oh, and I second the tickets from the sky, Heather! :)

:-)Ronie said...

You are sooo kewl, Neen. Thanks for stepping out and opening up your blog to us and our needs. What a true example of Christ-likeness. Love you, girl!

Pat Gonzales said...

Hi Dineen and all. Spoke with my lawyer this AM. Sounds like he's going to handle everything. Thanks so much for the prayers!

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for praying, D. This is a great thing you're doing.