Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hi there. The response to my last post has been great. It's a pleasure to see us working together, praying for one another, and meeting needs.

Kjerten has left a very tangible need.
"I have a partial $ need. I have Lyme disease but have been watching God do amazing things in my friends & family through it. God has been so faithful in this whole scary thing. My expensive meds are covered through the patient asst programs, but my supplements (of course) are not. I can only afford some of them. At $18 & $20 a pop it's really adding up. So getting all the supplements my doc's prescribed every month has been challenging to say the least."
Join me in praying for her need, and be in tune to what God may put on your heart.

Pat Gonzales has left an update to her prayer request concerning her daughter and the situation with the car rental agency.
Hi Dineen and all. Spoke with my lawyer this AM. Sounds like he's going to handle everything. Thanks so much for the prayers!
Thanks for the update, Pat. God is good!

I'd like to encourage you to take this to your churches and small groups. The smallest needs can often be met right within our congregations. Large needs too. It's important we care for our family in Christ so that we may go into the world to share God's amazing love and forgiveness. The stories I could tell even included a pair of shoes and a wreath hanger. All in one day. Maybe I'll tell it to you.

In the meantime, the fun has begun at Story Board. The first installment of The Unpublished has been posted by Ron Estrada, and I have a feeling the second is soon to be unveiled. What wakes a sleepy town out of it's reverie? Go and find out...


:-)Ronie said...

Heya! Glad to see the updates. It's great to witness the power of prayer!

Love ya!

Lynetta said...

It's exciting to read what God's doing through your blog and getting people together to help each other. Very cool!

I went over to Story Board. Too fun! The story's very interesting so far.


Mirtika said...

I can commisserate about the supplements. I spend between $150 a month on special supplements for my conditions, and that's on top of the couple hundred for what my insurance doesn't cover in terms of medication.

Was it Brandilyn Collins who got healed of Lyme Disease?


Mirtika said...

I have to agree that people need to go to their local church and tell of their needs. Churches are supposed to help in these matters. They can be gatekeepers, too, to weed out the ones who just want to "get." Every pastor I know has horror stories of people who just go to church to see what they can get, and not to ever give or really be part of the life there.

Someone posted on ACFW right before the holidays about someone online who felt alone and had a hard time financially. I found out where she lived, contacted a Baptist church hear to her (by using the online Yellow Pages) and sent them an email. The church was great. They visited the gal, sent me a couple of follow-up emails to say how they were ministering to her and encouraging her to be part of their congregation.

Online, it's easy to get conned. We don't know who is telling the truth. So, as much as possible, I'd say steer folks to their church. And if they don't have a church, then see if someone can suggest one. And, as a last resort, the long-distance stuff.

I've given hundreds over the years online to folks where I perceived a need. But I do sometimes wonder at some of the gifts given, if I wasn't conned. It's sad the world is that way...but I still gave with the right attitude in my heart.