Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Goofing Off

I should be working on my book, but I decided to come play here first. I took down the little dealy on the side showing my progress because it was too much work. LOL! But I'm excited to tell you I'm at almost 50k with this book. That's just past the halfway mark. Shooting to be finished by the end of August so I can have a few weeks to edit before the ACFW Conference in September.

I think so many of us have our sites focused on that conference, getting ready, wondering what to expect. Seems we put so much pressure on ourselves to get our babies (manuscripts, just want to be sure we're on the same track) polished and ready to pitch.

In the meantime, so much is happening in the industry. Puslishers seem to be changing hands faster than stocks on NASDEQ. A feeling of uncertainty is settling over many of the writers I know as we watch more and more doors close.

It is truly a time of change. Which makes it even more important to keep an ear tilted in God's direction. Such a time can be so discouraging, yet if we are working for Him, we have to trust in His plan, right? Gives a whole new meaning to the word perseverence. (And did you notice the word severe in the middle of that word?)

I'm digging my feet in. I've come this far. Not going to quit now. This road is taking a whole lot more rubber than I ever anticipated. When I doubt (and yes, I'm wondering about the whole writing gig myself at the moment, where it's heading, and how I'm going to ride it out) I go back to the moments that confirmed this writing journey. Thankfully, I wrote several down so I can go back and read them. Just like a writer.

And that's what I am, a writer.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

you ARE a writer. And you know what else? You are a friggin awesome writer! You were called for such a time as this. Don't doubt, girl, TRUST. God's got you totally covered here. You're exactly where the Lord wants you. Trust the One who put you on this path. I love you, girlie!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

You are so right to think of this as a journey. I've been reminding myself of that lately. It's a crazy business that takes different turns and a lot longer than any of us expect. But keep plugging away! Perseverence has been my word of the year too!

Ron Estrada said...

We knew it wouldn't be easy, but we also know that we have no choice. To stop writing is to stop breathing. It's our calling and running from it is no different than Jonah running from his calling.

Lynn Donovan said...


Don't give up.... you are wonderful and God is smack in the middle of your writing career. Be blessed, Lynn :)

:-)Ronie said...

ROCK ON, BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Ain't no doubt in my mind (or your friends who've posted here already) that not only ARE you a writer, you're a GREAT writer!!!

What a journey...crazy, insane, mind-bending, bewildering, entertaining, frustrating, joyous...

Robin Caroll said...

LOL....I'll repeat, you ARE a gifted and talented writer. Truly. I can say that because sometimes, I read lines of your prose, and I'm honestly blown away by the beauty in your words. Crazy journey we're on, but I, for one, am thankful we're on the path together!

Heather said...

Hi. My name is Heather. (Hi, Heather.) This is my first time here. I'm a blogger.
I tried to stop writing once. I got the shakes, headaches, my fingers would start wiggling in keyboard-like motion just willy-nilly. That was just the beginning. (A similiar experience occurred when I stopped caffeine for a week.)
Relieved you clarified the BBC version of P&P on your fav movies 'cause the new version just ain't cuttin' it.