Sunday, August 06, 2006

Why to Have Business Partners

A friend recently asked me the benefits to having business partners. I thought it was a funny question and came up with a top ten list (Ron, you are my inspiration). I've always loved top ten lists. I guess I have David Letterman to thank. Always the best part of his show.

So, here we go.

1. To make your life hell.

2. Just to spice things up a bit.

3. To be used as punching bags at will.

4. Fodder for your next book.

5. A way to excuse the stupidness in the world.

6. To make you look good.

7. To show that there really is a God and that forgiveness can be a minute by minute effort.

8. In case you get bored.

9. To show you really are credible and that you have people to vouch for you (just don't tell anyone no one will vouch for them).

And finally, the one she found the most appalling,

10. To make more money.

LOL! It is what it is.


Ron Estrada said...

Not bad. But you forgot "to absorb half of the loss."

:-)Ronie said...

I like #2. Never enough spice in your life!! :-D

Robin Caroll said...

LOL...and people wonder why I don't take on partners to help me when I'm swamped. I think I'll just refer them to this post of yours! LOL