Friday, March 05, 2010


I was dumbfounded the other day to see I've been blogging for five years. Then it dawned on me that I've yet to share some of the miracles that have happened recently. Like my header says, miracles come from God. And my family has seen several over the last couple years.

The most recent was my daughter's MRI. I've shared how she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor the fall of 2008. Now, just a year later, her MRI is completely clear. Even the original duct for the cerebral fluid is working. We new this toward the end of last year, or so I thought. The miraculous part is that this duct is completely clear and the swelling is gone. We're told this is highly unusual.

But it's so God. His miracle. A gift to us.

I feel like we're on the final part of this journey that began almost two years ago. God's healed my daughter physically, and continues to heal her emotionally. I am in awe.

God's faithfulness is so amazing. There's just no limit to it. I don't know how people go through life without God to hold them up. I couldn't do it. No way. I'm just too weak. God is my strength. My Jesus keeps me going.

So, there you go. A miracle. One of many in our lives recently and certainly a significant one. The amazing thing is...just daily living and loving is a miracle waiting to happen.

Go do it. Be part of a miracle. :-)


Ronie Kendig said...

It is so awesome to watch and see all that God has done and is still doing in your life, Neen! I'm so honored and blessed to be on the journey with you. Love you sooooo much, my twin!

Tea With Tiffany said...

Praise God for His miracles. :)

Roghar said...

Yes, surely is, cause this is highly unusual..Thanks for sharing.I do not work in neurology, am very familiar with cranial circumstance as a psychiatrist.

RebekahC said...

What a wonderful praise report and miracle proclamation! God is in the details, and I love hearing how He's working in people's lives around me. :)