Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Life That Speaks

Recently we sang the song “Blessed Be His Name” in my church. As in the story of Job, one part of the song conveys the words that God gives and takes away. I have to admit this part always bothered me. It always seemed so harsh to me that God took away Job’s family and home, that God takes away anything good.

But as I grow closer to Him, I’m realizing that often what we cling to as good isn’t God’s best. (I’m not referring to Job here.) I’ve also learned that anytime God removes something from my life, even if it’s something that seems good, it’s for my best or for a greater good.

Unfortunately, the idea of giving something up for a greater good doesn’t fly well in today’s philosophy of pursuing happiness. The idea of sacrificing something for someone we love is considered repugnant when it means we can’t have what we want too...

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