Monday, November 05, 2007

The Most Dangerous Prayer

PrayingIt’s birthed in the deepest recesses of our hearts, then moves with our silent yearnings to the hidden places in our thoughts. We dare to think it, until we finally submit and give words to this most dangerous prayer.

“Lord, do whatever it takes to bring my husband/wife to Christ.”

Among the unequally yoked there is an unspoken enormity to this prayer. And we understand the journey it takes deep within ourselves to finally speak it—to pray it with sincerity, knowing full well we have no idea what we may have unleashed. It comes from a place of near desperation and complete trust in God.

We are willing to risk it all.

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Lynn Donovan said...


This prayer really has touched so many women. Several are really praying it for the first time. They are truly TRUSTING Jesus. It is so amazing to watch lives transformed and reflect Jesus. Thank you for encouraging all of us who live in unequally yoked marriages.